Recreational Gold Prospecting
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Recreational Gold Prospecting

Gold can also be used for recreational purposes to find it. The hobby has many followers worldwide as the hunt for gold goes on.

The hobby of recreational gold prospecting is a fairly new phenomenon, but one that has many followers. In these times of a bad economy gold is something worth looking for,. most of these people are just looking for gold for the fun of it to get themselves outdoors. There are some that are actually a bit more serious in the endeavor because they probably need the money. The metal gold itself is at historic highs prompting even greater efforts to search the rivers and streams in the countryside

Unlike the prospectors of yore the modern prospector is more likely to be riding around in a camper or pickup truck rather than riding a donkey. Although he may have some of the trappings of the old-time prospectors like a gold pan or pick and shovel he also has some moderate helpers too. The modern helpers include such handy things as metal sluice boxes electric or gasoline pumps, metal detectors, a modern variation on the gold rocker called a “high banker” that looks like the old-fashioned gold rocker on steroids.

The basic equipment needed to go gold hunting is a gold pan and a shovel and a nearby river stream of the kind where you go looking for trout. Gold is often found in the same places where lunker trout may be lurking, in fact any place where you can find a trout you're likely to find gold. It can be found anyplace where there is a sudden drop in the velocity of the water flow like the inside of a bend, behind a large boulder in the stream or the plunge pool of a waterfalls. Gold is usually found close to bedrock at the bottom of the gravel deposit or where a gravel deposit is in contact with a clay deposit yet another likely place to find gold is where the stream flows over bedrock and there are cracks in the bedrock that are right angles to the stream flow. In these cracks you have to dig for the gold or suck it out somehow. A turkey baster works just fine, and so does a teaspoon.

Aside from the basic equipment that you take with you on the gold hunting expedition some of the other tools that will come in handy are a turkey baster, teaspoon, a bucket, a pair of rubber boots. It boots are fine but apparel waiters is even better. The last thing in your collection of tools should be a pair of rubber gloves in case you run into very cold water. It is impossible to prospect for gold when your hands are so cold they are numb.

As you become more advanced in your gold digging efforts you'll probably want to add some kind of a device that will allow you to process gravel at a faster rate than you can do with the gold pan.

The most sand and gravel a good man working alone can process in an eight hour day is one cubic yard. Probably the most advanced piece of gear that is available to the gold hunter is what they call a high riser. This is a combination of two different pieces of gold separating equipment; the sluice box and the rocker box. The high riser has the best features of both of these things and it looks like a rocker box on steroids. It is used in conjunction with a small gasoline operated centrifugal pump. The high riser is capable of processing a shovel full of gravel in less than a minute. During one a hour shift the high riser is capable of processing several cubic yards of gravel rather than one.

You can either buy the equipment you need. The basics such as gold pan or metal detector can usually be bought in outdoors store. The more dance equipment you will have to buy from specialty dealers that can be found on the Internet. The alternative to this is to build your own if you are handy.

For more information about gold mining go here!

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