How to Find Tell Tale Sign of Gold Deposit
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How to Find Tell Tale Sign of Gold Deposit

Asked on Jun 14, 2010Improve / edit this question

2 Answers

Louise Jones   L3: Expert   105 answers   +50 votes
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Have a look at or John Carter is a brilliant Geologist, and technical writer here, he's bound to have some great info for you!

Posted on Jun 14, 2010
John Carter   L4: Guide   7 answers   +2 votes
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One of the surest ways to find a gold deposit in solid rock is by finding a "gossen" that looks like a zone of heavy rust because it is.  Itys formed by the oxidation of iron pyrite (fools gold) that often has real gold associated as thin films deposited on the junctions between the pyrite crystals.  This is the only sure way of detecting gold in solid rock unless the gold itself is visible as it sometimes is in quartz veins.  Placer gold that is composed of loose grains of gold can be found in a river or stream wherever you would look for trout.  This is a place in the stream where the velocity of running water quickly slows down dropping its load of stream sediments.  Experience has shown that gold can be found in virtually every rock type if you look.  A common association is found in many gold producing areas with granular magnetite.  Gold is also found in association with all the other base metals.

Posted on Aug 1, 2010

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