Florida Gold
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Florida Gold

Florida has no gold deposits, but a lot of Spanish treasure from shipwrecks and pirate attacks. Millions of dollars worth of this golden treasure has been recovered by treasure seekers.

Naturally occurring deposits of gold have never been found in the state of Florida that doesn't mean however that gold is totally absent from the state. During the days when there were vast treasure fleets only to the Spaniards saleing up along the coast of Florida many of these treasure laden ships were destroyed in one sort of calamity or another including hurricanes. Some of the ships have since been discovered and their treasures recovered, but many more of them remain off the coast of Florida. Many times after a storm has passed the beachcombers go out and discover gold coins tossed up on the beach by the action of the storm.

Although the ships have been wrecked for several centuries complete records of them are kept in the “Archivo General de Indias” located in Seville, Spain. If nothing else is Spaniards were very thorough in keeping records of the ships that sailed from the Americas to Spain. More than one of these lost treasure ships has been found as a result of a thorough record search in Seville rather than going out to see willy-nilly looking for them.

One of the ships was rediscovered off the coast of Florida was the Atocha one of the treasure ships on its way back to Spain with a cargo of gold and silver as well as emeralds and was recently rediscovered as a result of a thorough search of the archives in Seville. This ship has since yielded many million dollars worth of treasure.

Gold is not the only treasure that is found on the ships as many of them carried larger cargoes of silver coins and bullion. If that isn't enough they also carried emeralds mined in Colombia that were intended for Spain.

Nature wasn't the only calamity that awaited these treasure ships because there was also the problem of Pirates. A ship might encounter a pirate everywhere along its route from the time they left port of the part you until it reached Spain. One of these treasure laden ships rarely sailed along because of this menace they sailed convoys are used together every year in Havana harbor, Cuba. On their voyage back to Spain they were accompanied by the warships of the Spanish Navy. Even so, they use to lose several ships every year on their way back to Spain to Pirates.

Although we get a picture of our money of pirates operating in the Caribbean Sea the truth is that even more Pirates operated along the route of the treasure fleets as they sailed up the eastern coast of North America. They also operated out of the Bahama Islands just off the coast of Florida. The Pirates were the only ones who operated in the same waters during World War II Nazi submarines operating in the same waters sent hundreds of ships to the bottom of the ocean.

One should remember that these coastal Florida is more or less the western boundary of the infamous Bermuda triangle where many ships and airplanes have been lost at sea over the centuries.

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