Finding Gold in Saskatchewan
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Finding Gold in Saskatchewan

Lode gold is found in nerthern Saskatchewan in the rocks of the Canadian Shield. Placer gold is found in some of the rivers in the southern part of the province brought there by the glaciers.

There is plenty of gold in northern Saskatchewan, but none in the South. The northern part of the province is part of the Canadian Shield containing the right geology to hold gold deposits. Like many other places in Canada the gold deposits are associated with gold bearing greenstone belts. These are metamorphosed oceanic crust that has been intruded by later granite. Geologists feel the gold was contained in the greenstone originally and leached out by hydrothermal action from brines that came from the later granites.

During most of the Paleozoic Era most of southern Saskatchewan was submerged beneath the sea found in the middle of the North American continent. If there are any placer gold deposits in this part of the province they were left behind in deposits the glacier left behind. There are other resources here like gas and oil, potash, gypsum, limestone and certain gemstones of the agate and jasper families.

Unlike many of the provinces to the east Saskatchewan does have placer gold deposits so panning for gold can be a profitable pastime. The North Saskatchewan River that runs through Edmonton, Alberta and crosses Saskatchewan on its way to Hudson Bay bears alluvial gold. It is a common sight along this river to see barefoot businessmen with their pants rolled up panning for gold during their lunch hours or on weekends. The gold they panning for is flour gold, but they are out looking for it on every chance they get, so you know they are making money or they wouldn't be there. Flour gold can be found in the North Saskatchewan River from West of Edmonton, Alberta to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Although rumors of Gold in the North Saskatchewan River were rife from the trappers it wasn't until 1859 that placer gold was finally discovered. There were rumors of one ounce and larger nuggets being found by railroad workers during the construction of the North Battleford railroad bridge. If you are not directly concerned with the mining industry in the province you are probably unaware of the potential Saskatchewan for mining. The province is the largest source of Potash and Uranium in the whole world. There are also several world class gold mines here.

The geology of the province is the framework that provides a vast potential for mining. It is felt by geologists that the surface has been hardly scratched. There is gold to be found wherever there are rocks exposed in the province's Canadian Shield district.

Other rumors of gold abound like the tale about somebody discovering a stream full of gold, but he forgot where it was. The first free gold in the province came from quartz outcrops that were found on the North Shore of Amisk Lake in eastern Saskatchewan.

Other places that have gold showings are parts of the Churchill sub-province. Except for the Rottenstone Domain gold has only been barely been looked for. Some of the other areas are at the Beaverlodge and the Pine Channel areas along Lake Athabasca that have been mined for years. There is also gold in both the Glennie and Kisseynew domains. These two domains have some potentially commercial gold mining areas.

There are plenty areas with the potential for gold to be found in Saskatchewan. Most of the mineable gold has been found in hardrock mines, but the potential for gold exists in the many streams and rivers of the province.

For more information about gold mining go here!


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Comments (5)

My daughter is a University student in Saskatoon... I`ll have tell her to there is ``gold in them thar hills!`` (she`ll need something to pay off her student loan ;)

There are a lot of mining and exploration companies based in Saskatoon that if you are not careful you might trip over one of them. Yes there is gold in plenty just north of Saskatoon eh!

Thanks Sir for these rich information as usual and I have to admit that I learned a lot from your articles

During the past 77 years since I am curious about many things my knowledge base has grown to the point where I have learned many things that I find useful. I think if you were to put the words "The Roman Pantheon" into your browser you could find the engineering book about the Pantheon. The book is quite detailed covering many related subjects including Roman architectural methods and training. There is another part of the book devoted to surveying, and quite a bit about building Roman techniques of both buildings and roads.

Thank you Sir for your prompt response and for the advice. Appreciate