Finding Gold in Nevada
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Finding Gold in Nevada

Finding gold in Nevada where it occurs as both placer and lode deposits, The Carlin Trend is the largest producer of gold in Nevada and the United States

Thanks to the Carlin Trend and Newmont Mining Nevada is now the largest producer of gold in the United States. In the Carlin trend gold is dispersed throughout a deposit of limestone in particles so small you can't see them with the naked eye, nor with a regular microscope. The gold is only visible through an electron microscope. Yet this area in Northern Nevada produces the most gold.

Gold is found throughout Nevada; in its deserts and its mountains. Although most of the gold is mined from hard rock lode mines there is still plenty of room for prospector to find placer gold.

Nevada is mostly desert except where there is irrigation. This is in Southern Nevada where they are able to tap from the waters of Lake Mead and the Colorado River. It is the author's experience that the lawns in southern Nevada are a blinding green.

Most of Nevada is located in the Basin and Range province of the Southwest Desert. This is an area being tectonically stretched having a thin crust with the magma just below the surface. In the basin and range province in areas that have down faulted with a relatively level surface, but every few miles a mountain range will rise up from the desert.

Nevada produces over 85% of the gold found in the United States with over 50% of it coming from the Carlin trend in northern Nevada. Gold is not the only metal that is found here; you may also find silver, copper, lead, zinc, barite and tungsten. Goal however is number one.

The old prospectors have pretty well gone over the state by the end of the 1850s it was in 1859 that the Comstock Lode was discovered. This was one of the largest silver deposits in the world. It paid for a good deal of the Civil War on the Union side.

Nevada has a very friendly attitude toward prospectors and minors since mining is the largest producer of income in the state. It sounds like gambling comes in number two. Not only is about a very friendly toward members of the mineral in a street they also encourage the discovery of new deposits.

Although gold in the Carlin trend is mined at the rate of 20 tons of rock per 1 ounce gold. There are new mines that are being discovered below the surface that are much richer than the Carlin Trend. Mining and prospecting in the state of Nevada is an exciting business because there is just so much mineral wealth that they have hardly scratched the surface.

Not only are various metals present in Nevada there are also gemstones to be found. Among them are agate and jasper throughout the state. There is precious opal found in Virgin Valley. Wherever there are copper deposits a common association is turquoise that is also found throughout the state wherever there is copper. The author used to buy uncut turquoise from a miner in Crescent Valley.

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