Finding Gold in Montana
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Finding Gold in Montana

This is about finding gold in Montana. The western part of the state has gold wherever there are mountains with rivers and streams.

Gold is first found in Montana in 1852 was discovered on Gold Creek in Powell County. By 1863 very rich deposits of Alder Creek near Virginia City created a gold rush. Since that time the state of Montana has produced 17,752,000 ounces of gold causing to rank as the seventh largest gold producing state. Mostly gold production in Montana is a byproduct produced by the copper industry in western Montana. Some of the state’s best areas to prospect for placer gold is Broadwater County on the eastern slopes of the rivers and streams draining the Elkhorn Mountains.

Montana is one of the states that recognizes the right to file a claim for mine public lands both state and federal. There is much information about mining in Montana available from the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology located at Montana Tech in Butte.

Some of the greatest mines in the United States are located in western Montana they were gold gold mines many of them produced copper. Gold was produced from these mines as a byproduct from refining copper. The greatest of these copper mines was the Anaconda Mine located near the city of Anaconda. This mine was discovered right after the Civil War by an Irish prospector that was looking for gold, and found copper instead.

The Anaconda mine was actually named because of a newspaper headline the Irishman saw while he was serving in the Union Army near the end of the Civil War. The headline read, “Grant encircles Richmond like a giant Anaconda.” Both the mine and the city were named after this giant snake found in the Amazon basin.

Gold is found throughout Western Montana wherever there are mountains. Best place to look for placer gold is in the rivers and streams draining those mountains. According to one source is doubtful that the old time prospectors ever found all the gold that is deposited there. There are now many prospecting tools that were unavailable to early prospectors that we now have, one of the most useful of these is the metal detector.

Another tool is used as a gold detector that is capable of detecting gold and hard rock, or in placer deposit. The best tool for finding gold is one of the old time prospectors are very familiar with, the gold pan. To this day no one has ever devised a more like the way of discovering gold deposits.

Aside from gold prospecting Montana also affords the prospector the chance to find sapphires along the Missouri River. There are many areas along this river that are open to fee prospecting. In addition there are several other localities in the state where you can find various gemstones for a fee.

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