Finding Gold in Michigan
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Finding Gold in Michigan

This is about finding gold in Michigan.

Michigan has a split personality part of it is the Lower Peninsula of Michigan or as some people call the Mitten. The other part is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Lower Michigan is pretty Urbain but that doesn't hold in upper Michigan that becomes rather wild and woolly. Enough about Michigan politics both parts have gold. The gold in Lower Michigan is placer gold that was carried their by the glaciers from Canada. That isn't true of Upper Michigan because they have hard rock gold mines. Gold is also associated with the copper mines of the Keweenah Peninsula.

Gold panning can be done in any part of Michigan one of the better places is the shores of Lake Superior where they find gold in beach sands. Because of the way the gold was entered into Michigan it probably holds true that gold can be found in all the beach sands of the Great Lakes that touch on Michigan.

Marquette County was the location of a number of hard rock prospects and even some paying gold mines. The most famous of these mines was the Ropes Gold Mine near Ishpeming. Much Has been written about the mine that operated from 1881 until 1990. It closed because of an underground cave in that caused extensive damage, and at that time declining gold prices.

Many of the prospects of placer and hard rock were nothing but scams to get money from suckers. In many cases the property was salted with gold to make it appear a good investment. There were other mines however that were bonafide mining sites.

The state of Michigan has a great deal about the riches besides gold, one of the more lucrative is actually finding a good sand and gravel deposit near a big city. This will pay quicker and better than any gold mine you may find. The list of minerals that have been mined in Michigan is quite long and ranges across the list of valuable minerals all the way from copper to iron.

One can't forget the great copper mines used to be on the Keweenah Peninsula that for many years supplied copper to the nation. Lake copper used to be the standard for all other coppers used in the United States. It was copper from here that electrified the nation. The rich copper extended all the way from Copper Harbor to Ontonogan.

Native silver was also found with the native copper that was taken from these mines. For the most part the mine owners let their workers keep the silver that they found as a sort of bonus for their labors. Gold was often found in the same mines also.

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Comments (1)
gerald durdon

hi being retired both my wife and myself enjoy camping we live in michigan and been talking about camping in the u/p and maybe panning for gold...not to get rich but a fun past time where can we go to camp on a stream and pan,we would appreclate any help we can get,thanks mr mrs g durdon