Finding Gold in Alberta
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Finding Gold in Alberta

The only gold that is found in Alberta is what is called flour gold in fine particles that will pass a 35 mesh screen. They have found kimberlites in Kicking Horse Pass with the possibility of diamonds

If you aren't prospecting for gold in Alberta, the ride up the Rocky Mountain Trench from Banff to Jasper is one of the most beautiful mountain trips in the World. You have snow capped mountains on both sides of the highway, tumbling streams and rivers. In places the icefields of the many mountain glaciers almost reach the road. Often the wildlife of the mountains comes down to the road where they are fed by tourists. The author even discovered what a buck elk uses his antlers for; he uses them to scratch his rump. When the buck does this the dust and insects come flying off of his hide in a cloud. On a nice day Lake Louise presents a view that is worth all the gold in the world.

However, this article is supposed to be about prospecting for gold in Alberta. According to the Alberta Geologic Survey conducted a survey looking for placer gold in the major rivers of the province. The results of this survey disclosed that the most gold is found in the North Saskatchewan River to the West of Edmonton to around 200 km downstream.

All of the gold they found on this survey would pass a 35 mesh screen, as such it is flour gold. For reference a window screen is usually 20 mesh. In none of the rivers did they find enough gold for large placer mining operations. Many of them contain enough gold to make them viable to the recreational prospector.

As near as the author can tell there appears to be little or no bedrock gold in Alberta. The one area that may contain gold is in the far Northeast corner of the province. This is where the rocks of the Canadian Shield just poke into the province for a few miles. These ancient rocks may contain gold like the other rocks found in the Canadian Shield.

There are plenty of other opportunities for finding mineral wealth in the province. One of the most promising is the potential for finding diamonds. Within the past few years kimberlites the home of diamonds have been discovered in the Kicking Horse Pass on the way to British Columbia. More information is available from the Alberta Geological Survey concerning these kimberlites.

Some of the other minerals found that have value are aggregates, sand and gravel, coal, cement stone, gas and oil, oil sands and dimension stone. A good sand & gravel deposit can be worth more then a gold mine if it is close to a market. There are hundreds of sand and gravel deposits in Alberta.

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