Canada's Abitibi Gold Belt Contains More Gold then Fort Knox!
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Canada's Abitibi Gold Belt Contains More Gold then Fort Knox!

Canada's Abitibi Gold Belt contains more Gold then Fort Knox. The Abitibi gold belt has produced more then 160 million ounces of Gold.

Less then six hundred miles north of New York City is one of the great gold provinces of the world that has already produced more then 160 million ounces of gold since its discovery in the early twentieth century. This is the famous Abitibi Gold Province that straddles the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. This gold mining belt is nowhere close to being tapped out of gold as late as last year a mining company discovered the largest gold deposit that has been found in the past 100 years by drilling just west of Timmins, Ontario.

Historically this area has produced more then 160 million ounces of gold valued at US$192 billion in today’s dollars. The Abitibi extends from Lake Superior northeast for over 800 kilometers to Quebec. Some of the great gold mines in the world are located in the Abitibi, and that isn’t all they have mined there. Other metals found in the Abitibi include copper, zinc, silver, iron, nickel, platinum group metals along with cadmium and indium.

Aside from producing vast amounts of gold and other metals the Abitibi has also been shown to have many potential diamond deposits. The Abitibi region is getting more attention today from investors because aside from being blessed with an excellent infrastructure including a good highway and railway system. The area is well served by many airports served by many air transport services.

Unlike many of the gold bearing regions of the world the Abitibi also enjoys a safe environment, low development costs needed to develop a mine. Aside from that the Abitibi boasts a great history of high-grade gold discoveries holding multi-billion dollar gold deposits.

The Abitibi itself is one of the largest greenstone provinces found in the world. These gold bearing provinces are considered to be prime hunting grounds to hunt for large deposits of metals that include gold, silver, copper and zinc.

There is a great arching belt of gold provinces extending across North America all the way to Greenland. The Abitibi is only one of many gold provinces found in this great sweeping arc.

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