Bloodstone Birthstone
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Bloodstone Birthstone

Facts about March's alternative birthstone, bloodstone quartz

While most know aquamarine as the birthstone for March, bloodstone is widely considered a companion birthstone for the month. Bloodstones are associated with religious myth and symbolize courage being given to those who wear jewelry adorned with it. A variation of quartz, bloodstone is a highly affordable and customizable birthstone.

What is Bloodstone?

While bloodstone is a more dramatic and poetic name for March’s alternate birthstone, the more common and scientific name is heliotrope or banded quartz. Bloodstone is dark green in color with spots or speckles of red iron oxide also known as red jasper. The semiprecious stone classified as a chalcedony and ranks between a 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Symbols and Myths

The history of bloodstone’s ominous name is steeped in sacred myth and Christian belief. The red flecks of iron oxide in the deep green stone is said to represent the blood of Christ spilling on fresh green jasper at the time of crucifixion. Many devout religious people believe that the red speckles present in modern bloodstone are an incarnation of the blood of Christ. Due to this sacred connection bloodstone is prevalent in religious art and jewelry. Bloodstone’s affiliation with the crucifixion also lead to another widely accepted name of martyr’s stone.

Before it was bloodstone, the green and red chalcedony was dubbed heliotrope. Translated from Greek, heliotrope means turning sun and is meant to be representative of rays of sun reflecting and spinning off the surface of the stone. Grecian soldiers often carried bloodstone heliotrope into battle with the belief that it had healing properties.

A modern symbol associated with bloodstone is courage. This symbolic meaning can be easily attributed to its attachment to Grecian soldiers and Christ who are praised in both history and religious doctrine as highly courageous.

Popular Jewelry Varieties

Due to the nature of the different varieties of banded quartz, bloodstone is highly regarded as a carving stone. Cameos, reliefs and beads are often created from bloodstone and make beautiful birthstone gifts. Also, many March birthday holders find that carrying a simple polished bloodstone can bring courage and healing of physical and mental wounds.

The alternative to the March birthstone has been given a variety of different but related names during its long history as a semiprecious stone. Bloodstone, the quartz of courage, is a banded quartz chalcedony associated with birthdays in March and has ties to the crucifixion of Christ and ancient Grecian soldiers.

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